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Meet The Team


Ishaan Busireddy 

Founder & Organizer

​Hello! My name is Ishaan Busireddy, and I am a sophomore at RHHS. I am the founder of TEDxRiverHillHS and I am excited to lead the organizing committee in piecing together this exhilarating event, to raise funds, website management, and as a curator among many other tasks. My interests are history, international relations, and world cultures. I am also interested in promoting the student voice through activism and working for the community’s benefit. Within school, I enjoy participating in Varsity Tennis,  Congressional Debate, Garden Club, and Model UN.

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Wonjae Suh

Head of Filming and Communications

Hello! My name is Wonjae, and I am a senior at RHHS. My interests are geology, physics, specifically quantum and shock physics, and political science. My main interest is in geophysics, where I’m a research assistant at the Wicks mineral physics lab at Johns Hopkins. In the time I don’t spend reading or working a shift at Wendy’s, I like walking my dog, running, and listening to new music. Like for our school’s Physics Club and Science Olympiad, my job at TEDxRiverHillHS is to help with filming and photography. Otherwise, I’m also in charge of the communication with the entertainers.


    Alex Cui

    Ticketing Manager

    Hello! my name is Alex Cui, and I am a junior at RHHS. I'm president of the Physics Olympiad Club, member of the school jazz band, and I play varsity soccer. My hobbies outside of school include music, science fiction, working out, and basketball. I also enjoy learning about evolutionary biology, anthropology, and history.


      Lily Shangloo

      Master of Ceremonies

      Hello! my name is Lily Shangloo, and I am a Junior at RHHS. I am deeply interested in current events, politics, and advocacy, which is what led me to join the TEDxRiverHillHS planning committee.  Through this event, I hope to introduce people to new perspectives and ideas, which will help bring our community together after a tumultuous past few years.


        Austin Elkis

        Public Relations Assistant

        Hello! My name is Austin Elkis, and I am a senior at RHHS. I am the public relations assistant of TEDxRiverHillHS and I am excited to continue to promote this club and event. My interests include graphic design, marketing, and business. Currently, I am committed for University of Maryland College Park to major in marketing. I also enjoy participating in FBLA, Angel’s Network, and NHS.


          Jessica Nichols

          Teacher & Co-Organizer

          Experienced Social Studies Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Strong education professional skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Government, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, and Editing.

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          Elanor Kim

          Production Manager

          Hello! My name is Elanor. I am a senior at RHHS who enjoys participating in musical extracurriculars, completing various community service projects, and waitressing at a local resturaunt. In her free time she loves to read and take care of her plants. She is so excited to be a part of the TEDxRiverHillHS committee this year!


            Sienna Rader-Gowda

            Scheduling Manager

            Hello! my name is Sienna Rader-Gowda, and I am a sophomore at RHHS. I cannot wait to help and be a part of the TEDxRiverHillHS team! In my free time, I like to read, write, explore biology, and cook. Through the school I enjoy participating in science-based activities and playing tennis with the RHHS tennis team.


              Jiwan Ghoseiri

              Volunteer Lead

              Hello! My name is Jiwan, and I am a junior at RHHS. I'm secretary of the Chess Club, run in the varsity track program, and play varsity soccer. My hobbies outside of school include table tennis, playing piano, and reading. I deeply value the importance of bringing the community together and cannot wait to launch the event as part of the TEDxRiverHillHS  committee this year!

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